We didn’t change the milk. We just chose the right cows.

What is A2 Milk?

It sounds like a modern invention. But, A2 is the “original” milk that most cows once gave us. Generations of breeding have left us with predominantly what’s called A1 protein milk in North America, something many people have trouble digesting.


About Us

When we decided to start producing our own A2 milk, we knew we had the source on our farm already. A2 cows make up about one-third of all dairy cows - it was just a matter of identifying them. In a sense, we had a herd within a herd. But, the history of that herd begins long before A2 was even a glimmer on the horizon. test


Our Products

We’re always building and improving our herd of A2 cows, and they are the exclusive suppliers of Walker Farms A2 milk. All their milk is processed right here in our on-farm facility, too. That’s why it says “Single Farm” on every bottle.

1% Milk

2% Milk

3.25% Milk

2% Chocolate Milk

Find Out What We Have in Store for You

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