Walker Farms A2 protein milk is fresh, local and easier to digest than regular milk in the grocery store.

What is A2 Protein Milk?

A2 Protein Milk contains only the A2 type of proteins and it is naturally free of A1 proteins! People who drink A2 Protein Milk may find that it eliminates symptoms of indigestion and intolerance caused by the A1 proteins in regular dairy milk.
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About Us

With four generations of farming under their belt, the Walker family is tackling a new milk venture. In 2021, they completed the addition of an on-farm processing facility and are now producing, processing and packaging their own milk in less than 150 meters! It is local, fresh and contains only A2 beta-casein proteins.

As proud Canadian dairy farmers, the Walker family is committed to making the highest quality milk. From our farm to your family, we are giving Ontarians the freedom to enjoy milk again!

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Our Products

On our home farm, fresh milk comes straight from our A2 herd to our on-site processing facility. It is produced, processed, and packaged in less than 150 meters! This significantly shortens our supply chain, reduces carbon emissions, and improves the quality and purity of our milk since we have control every step of the way. Our products are local, fresh and made with the A2 proteins only!
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The Walker Dairy Bar is open everyday from 7am – 9pm for outdoor seating & Drive-Thru.

We offer locally made, fresh products such as coffee, ice cream, baked goods and grocery basics. If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by and visit us!

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Walker Dairy Bar in Aylmer Ontario featuring Walker Farms A2 protein milk and other local products, including Shaw's Ice Cream, Las Chicas Coffee, Mr. Amish butter/eggs/maple syrup, Sassy's homemade bread, Stoll's Honey and baked goods from Grandma's Oven, Spicer's Bakery, Helm Baked and the Fritter Shop.